Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DC Headshots - Jennifer Levin

Jennifer came to me for her theater headshots about a week ago. This was her first headshot session. She and I got along great and I really loved her excitement about getting her headshots done for the first time. I also liked her infectious smile. She has a wonderful smile that is sure to stop anyone in their tracks.

Here is the edit that we got it down to. These were her favorite un-retouched images from the shoot.

Here are the two final images that were chosen from the shoot.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meghan Jaeger Headshots

Meghan was a student at UGA and came to me for headshots a few weeks ago. She is from the dc-maryland-virginia area and found me on google. She had asked me for a make up artist and I called up the wonderful Stacie Snyder for her hair and make-up services. The three of us got along great and the pictures really did turn out wonderful.

Take a look!

Emily Cochrane Headshots

Pat and Emily Cochrane came to me to get Emily's headshots done. They were both very excited to be doing POST-BRACES headshots! We did them at my studio in Bethesda/Chevy Chase. We had a ton of good shots to pick from! Here was our edit. This is down from around 400 frames.

Emily and Pam were so happy with the way the images turned out that they chose to get 3 retouched images instead of the 2 that come with my middle package. Here are the retouched images that Emily is using this weekend when she goes to L.A. for some auditions!

Good Luck Emily!!!